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Sweet Bohemian Hair

I didnt take a picture of my hairstyle today – I was working (waitress) so my hair had to be pulled back. Here is a video link to a similar style that I wore at work! I love this girls videos!

Here are some more “Bohemian” inspired dos!


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Braids Braids Braids!!!

I have ALOT of hair!! Seriously ALOT! I love it! I don’t want to cut it at all! I want it to be longer in fact! But it can cause many bad hair days for sure! I wanted to share some really cute braids that I have found online and have been using in my own hair.

Waterfall Braid:

Fishtale Braid:

I havn’t tried the boho braid yet – looking forward to it though!

Boho Braid Tutorial:


There are soooo many really cool hair tutorials out there! Have fun!

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Coffee or Tea? Dying tutorial.

The other day I thought I would try dying some wool with some really old coffee beans and some tea that I didnt like! So I googled it and figured out it is just like any other dye! But I will share with you!(I also dyed other wool using some BLUE food colouring – you will see in the pictures)

First Step:

 Get some warm water and add some vinegar. Put your wool in and let it soak for a while.

Second Step:

Make the dye bath. So take what ever it is, Coffee (from the coffee pot is the easiest) or Tea (steeped and strained) and add some vinegar (Vinegar acts as an acid so help animal fibres absorb colour). You may need to add some more hot water depending on the strength of the colour or amount of wool you are planning to dye.

Third Step: 

 Add the wool from the vinegar bath (try not to bring all the waterover by gently squeezing some out) and heat on the stove. Make sure your wool is covered. *Do NOT let your pot come to a boil – it can cause felting to the wool).

Fourth Step:

When the wool is at the desired shade (it may lighten once rinsed) take out, rinse in similar temp water slowly making cooler and spin in a salad spinner. *Some may wish to add a bit of soap for a soap rinse as well*

Fifth Step:


Lay out to dry in the sun. You will know it is dry when it is not cool to the touch.


I noticed that the tea and coffee did not turn out as dark as I had hoped. I think that will differ from different types and strengths.

All the colour did not absorb like other dyes do, so that was not a sign of it being finished. I think I left it for 30 mins.

I found dying with onion skins MUCH easier… with a darker colour. BUT it didnt smell as nice 🙂

I dont know if I will do this type much. Although I think it will look AMAZING carded with my onion skin dyed wool and natural brown wool!!


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Beach Themed Necklace and Earring Holder

I have so many beautiful necklaces and earrings but I rarely wear them! So I have been trying to think of something to hang my MANY necklaces on, so they do not get tangled and forgotten. My bathroom is kinda “beachy” and I really wanted something to tie in with that. Whenever I go to the beach (and there are LOTS of beaches around here) with my kids, we always come home with a bucket of shells and driftwood.  Soooo I went outside to our latest driftwood score (which is still sitting by my front door!) and found exactly what I was looking for!!!

What I did:

I took the drift wood and hammered a picture hanger on the back. Then I took some tarnished hooks, and a few different sized tarnished nail (I didnt want them to have a “new” look) and screwed and nailed them to the front of the wood. I had to make sure I spaced them well so there was room for my jewellry and it wouldnt be totally uneven. It was sooo easy and quick! And I am SOOO HAPPY with how it turned out!!

Here are some pics of other necklace and earring holder ideas!


The rake is my FAVOURITE – I can’t wait to make one for our bedroom!

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Solar Dying

I tried solar dying the other day and it worked GREAT! This is an wasy way to dye your fibres without having to keep watch of it on a stovetop. You literally jusy put aside and forget about it! Here are some instructions for those of you who might want to try it! (It works with both raw wool and yarn)



I used a few different mason jars – but any glass jar will do. It works best if you wet the wool/yarn first before putting it in the jar. Then add dyes, wool, HOT water, and vinegar in any way you like – I tried layering a few different ways and each time it came out differently. Really fun to It was awesome how there was different colours and varying depths. LOVELY!



I rinsed, spun in the salad spinner and left out to dry! Ready to become a wonderful skien of yarn!!!


 The green and pink were done with with neon food colouring – the purple was with a fabric dye that I had laying around. Let me know if you try it!