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Coffee or Tea? Dying tutorial.

The other day I thought I would try dying some wool with some really old coffee beans and some tea that I didnt like! So I googled it and figured out it is just like any other dye! But I will share with you!(I also dyed other wool using some BLUE food colouring – you will see in the pictures)

First Step:

 Get some warm water and add some vinegar. Put your wool in and let it soak for a while.

Second Step:

Make the dye bath. So take what ever it is, Coffee (from the coffee pot is the easiest) or Tea (steeped and strained) and add some vinegar (Vinegar acts as an acid so help animal fibres absorb colour). You may need to add some more hot water depending on the strength of the colour or amount of wool you are planning to dye.

Third Step: 

 Add the wool from the vinegar bath (try not to bring all the waterover by gently squeezing some out) and heat on the stove. Make sure your wool is covered. *Do NOT let your pot come to a boil – it can cause felting to the wool).

Fourth Step:

When the wool is at the desired shade (it may lighten once rinsed) take out, rinse in similar temp water slowly making cooler and spin in a salad spinner. *Some may wish to add a bit of soap for a soap rinse as well*

Fifth Step:


Lay out to dry in the sun. You will know it is dry when it is not cool to the touch.


I noticed that the tea and coffee did not turn out as dark as I had hoped. I think that will differ from different types and strengths.

All the colour did not absorb like other dyes do, so that was not a sign of it being finished. I think I left it for 30 mins.

I found dying with onion skins MUCH easier… with a darker colour. BUT it didnt smell as nice 🙂

I dont know if I will do this type much. Although I think it will look AMAZING carded with my onion skin dyed wool and natural brown wool!!



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Teaparty fit for the Princess!

So we finally had the “princess birthday tea party” this past weekend and it was wonderful! All the little sweethearts came dressed in thier “royal princess garments” including a few dashing princes! Here are some pics! (I am holding back any of this kids pics, even though they were sooo cute, for privacy reasons! I am sure you understand!)

Each little girl had her own teacup and placesetting, which also served as a party of thier goodie bags! They were sooo excited that they were allowed to keep thier cup. I put a little paper pillowbox with gumballs and a tiny decorated plastic box with pretty braclets as the rest of the goodie bag. But really I think that the cup would have been enough.

Food – I was shocked how much these little ones ate!!! Even though the party was after lunch! We had little cinnamon buns, pb&j sandwiches cut in cute little shapes, banana bread, fruit, veggies, and of course potato chips! Instead of realy tea we had Iced Tea and used a beautiful silver tea service. The cream and suger holders held jelly bellys which the kids ate right up!

Game – We played a really fun game. As the music played they passed around a pretty purse with little papers on it (like hot potato) and who ever had the purse when the music stopped had to do what the paper said! Then they got a prize. We kept it simple – “run in a circle” “act like a duck” and so on.

Craft – I saw a great tutorial on the emily jones blog ( and each girl decorated a princess party hat with sequins and gems and ribbons and stickers!

It was a great party and we are already thinking about next year!! Nancy Drew? …. I think so!