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I’m Back!

Wow…. And just like that school has begun and summer is done! Time for routines and a little order to our lives! How was your summer?!? I had a great time! Here are a few “instagrams” I can share with you!


It started off a bit cool but it didnt stop the excitement!! 


Nothing says summer like a Dairy Queen ICE CREAM CAKE!




Getting WET!


Eating Burgers


Lunch with friends


Spoils from the garden!


Bean Teepee

And some Camping Fun (it only rained a little bit)20120905-085200.jpg




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Summer Camp Crafts!

Wow! I cannot beleive it is that time again! Kids Camp started NEXT WEEK! I am so blessed to be in charge of the crafts for both camps this year. But I am also super stressed about picking the right crafts to do. There is such a age difference (7-12 boys and girls) so finding something that everyone will like can be a challenge.

Here is a link to a previous post about last years crafts:

I am thankful to have pinterest at my disposal and have found many ideas for my summer camp board BUT if anyone wants to shoot some ideas my way I would be very thankful!

Here is a nature craft I found – I think this would be cool:



Camp Crafts!

I spent last week at a WONDERFUL camp called the “Cowichan River Bible Camp”.  This is a place very dear to my heart. I have had so many life changing experiences there, and am so excited that my children will get to experience it as well.

This past week was the second Kids camp – which was for ages 7 through to 12. We had sooooo much fun! I was blessed to be the official “Craft Lady” for the week and all the crafts went REALLY well! I thought that I would let you know what we did!

Our first craft was a nice simple one! Picture Frames! I found some awesome frames at Michaels with really nice borders so there was a lot of room to decorate. We got out the paints, sticker, foam letters, foam shapes and gems and got decorating! They were all so unique and well done! Here is what my daughter did:

Our second craft was awesome!  Every kids camp the kids get tshirts and paint them , I decided to change it up this camp and we TIE DYED! Awesome!!! Tie dying with 70 kids can be a challenge for sure! BUT it worked well. We used plastic waterbottles with a small hole drilled in the top as our squirt bottles. It was perfect! Not only were we using something that was lying around, but it did not waste the dyes. Again, they all turned out different, which is the best part of doing tie dye! We put them in baggies and let them sit in the sun the next day. Then on the final night of camp the kids “went to town” with sharpies and fabric markers signing their names on each others shirts!

Our third craft was nice and simple. Friendship bracelets! They spent a long time making them and I even had a beautiful  green, blue and yellow one made for me! 

Our final craft was inspired by a fellow blogger at “the craft nest” (click to see her instructions). They were Tile Plaques. We used the supplies from the frame craft, as well as a bunch of scripture verses and phrases printed off the computer and glued them to a tile! (We had a whole box laying around the camp! SCORE!). Them we modpodged over them to secure and made glossy. I am still amazed at how different each one was, even though they were working with the same supplies!! Here are some examples that I did with my kids.

I really hope that I am asked to come back next year and do the crafts again! I am already collecting ideas and adding pages to my favorites list!!

So…. How is your summer coming along???

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Summer Camp!!

I am at KIDS SUMMER CAMP!! YAY! I am helping with the crafts and am the memory verse lady!

As you can tell I am VERY EXCITED!

So I will be very short and few with my blog posts this week cause I am super duper busy! BUT I am planning on writing all about the cool crafts that we get up to! I am the “craft helper” this week so I can share what “MA” comes up with. Then in a couple weeks I am on my own!! SOOOO if you have any awesome memories of your favorite camp crafts from your younger days please let me know. OR if you come across anything online post the link!!



“KIRBY” thats my camp name!

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Summer time Spinning!

The other day I took my spinning wheel (that I have not named yet – any ideas?) and set up a little spot outside in the sun. I had my big floppy hat, sunglasses and mp3 player and was ready to go! It was so nice and peaceful. I have often heard the phrase “let the yarn spin itself” and I didnt understand it until now! Here is a pic of what I spun that afternoon!