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Quick dying tip!

Just a quick tip! If you want to dye your own wool rovings or pure wool yarns – this is the time to pick up CHEAP dyes!! Check out your local shops for their discounted Easter stuff! The color tablets from the DIY egg dying kits are ideal for wool dying!! They come with all sorts of other stickers and stuff – which can always be used somewhere! I just picked some up for 75% off – I hope there is some more when it hits 90% off!




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Summer time Spinning!

The other day I took my spinning wheel (that I have not named yet – any ideas?) and set up a little spot outside in the sun. I had my big floppy hat, sunglasses and mp3 player and was ready to go! It was so nice and peaceful. I have often heard the phrase “let the yarn spin itself” and I didnt understand it until now! Here is a pic of what I spun that afternoon!

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So I told you all about my amazing gift from my mom – the 4 hour spinning lesson at Leolas Studio BUT what I didn’t know was that my mom and husband has also bought me a SPINNING WHEEL! YAY! I was totally blown away! I have been spinning and spinning ever since!

So Leolas Studio is a WONDERFUL place to go, learn and just soak in the fibre art goodness! She is a very talented and interesting lady. It took us about an hour to actually get to the lesson because we were so caught up having a nice coffee and chat! What a great way to start off! Whippletree Junction (where the studio and shop are located) is a really neat place! It has quite a few really interesting shops and the cutest courtyard. Here are some pics!

I am totally in love with Spinning and Dying and creating all this fibre goodness!