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Real Food?

I have been reading through some of the 100 day Real Food challenge blog! I think we can do it! So my plan is to start replacing our food items with the healthier alternative. For example – white rice to brown rice, regular pasta to whole wheat, white flour to home milled whole wheat flour! I already use alot of the alternatives so it shouldnt be to crazy a change!

Luckily for me this blog has a lot of recipes for me to choose from! YaY! I do not have a great imagination when it comes to cooking! Here is a link to some great resources on her site =

Check it out. I will post the recipes I use and let you know how it goes! I am thinking my review system will go something like this:

  • Is it easy to make/prepare?
  • How long does it take?
  • Is it Kid friendly?
  • Are the ingredients easy to find?
  • How does it Taste?

Here are a few I can’t wait to try!!


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Quick dying tip!

Just a quick tip! If you want to dye your own wool rovings or pure wool yarns – this is the time to pick up CHEAP dyes!! Check out your local shops for their discounted Easter stuff! The color tablets from the DIY egg dying kits are ideal for wool dying!! They come with all sorts of other stickers and stuff – which can always be used somewhere! I just picked some up for 75% off – I hope there is some more when it hits 90% off!



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I am “patiently” waiting for my order of white silks…. so I can magically turn them into an amazing toy that explodes with a child’s imagination!

For anyone wondering what a playsilk is: It is ANYTHING a child can imagine!!

They transform from a simple colourful silk into a magicians cape, or a princesses gown for the ball. They are a sling for a broken arm, or a pirates bandana. They become the ocean, the earth, the trees or the sky. They are a hidden hideaway on a island paradise. They are fire from a fire breathing dragon or a streaming rainbow. The possibilities are as limitless as a childs imagination!

Look for these playsilks in lots of fun colours – coming VERY soon to my etsy shop as well as the craft fairs and market stalls this spring!

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I asked my 3 year old little boy to name this doll and I think he did a pretty good job! I am going to be making a few more of these little sweeties. I am really happy with it.

She is nice and small (about 8 inches) and is PERFECT for kids of any age.

I have been experimenting with different sizes lately. And have decided I really like the small dolls. There is something so sweet and magical about them. It dosn’t hurt that everytime I make a small dolly my daughter goes wild!!

You can see her listing her:

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Meet CLEO!

Meet Cleo!! She is an approx 15 inch tall “Kids of the King” Waldorf Inspired Doll.

She is wearing a kimono inspired wrap style shirt made out of some beautiful vintage cotton (from my grandmother!) and a brown ribbon tie. She has cotton pants and some really cool stretch cotton fringed boots/slippers.

She has a beautiful head of hair that is a mix of handspun blonde with sparkles, browns and oranges. When it is down, it hits below her shoulders and it is very FULL!! She has two sparkled gold hair clips. Her hair is in the crochet cap style which allows for many different hairstyles, and is sewn on so that it will stand the test of little hands tugging.

Her eyes are hand embroidered in a lovely shade of green and she has a nice little smile.

She is great to squeeze and hug because of her softer body. She has nice lean and long arms which make her quite easy to dress and play with.

She has been handformed and stuffed with love and 100% LOCAL Cowichan Valley wool that I collected, cleaned and carded myself. She is covered with reclaimed 100% cotton.

She has been put through the hug test and passed with flying colours! She will make a wonderful friend!

Please not – not intended for children under the age of 3. Does contain small part


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Coffee or Tea? Dying tutorial.

The other day I thought I would try dying some wool with some really old coffee beans and some tea that I didnt like! So I googled it and figured out it is just like any other dye! But I will share with you!(I also dyed other wool using some BLUE food colouring – you will see in the pictures)

First Step:

 Get some warm water and add some vinegar. Put your wool in and let it soak for a while.

Second Step:

Make the dye bath. So take what ever it is, Coffee (from the coffee pot is the easiest) or Tea (steeped and strained) and add some vinegar (Vinegar acts as an acid so help animal fibres absorb colour). You may need to add some more hot water depending on the strength of the colour or amount of wool you are planning to dye.

Third Step: 

 Add the wool from the vinegar bath (try not to bring all the waterover by gently squeezing some out) and heat on the stove. Make sure your wool is covered. *Do NOT let your pot come to a boil – it can cause felting to the wool).

Fourth Step:

When the wool is at the desired shade (it may lighten once rinsed) take out, rinse in similar temp water slowly making cooler and spin in a salad spinner. *Some may wish to add a bit of soap for a soap rinse as well*

Fifth Step:


Lay out to dry in the sun. You will know it is dry when it is not cool to the touch.


I noticed that the tea and coffee did not turn out as dark as I had hoped. I think that will differ from different types and strengths.

All the colour did not absorb like other dyes do, so that was not a sign of it being finished. I think I left it for 30 mins.

I found dying with onion skins MUCH easier… with a darker colour. BUT it didnt smell as nice 🙂

I dont know if I will do this type much. Although I think it will look AMAZING carded with my onion skin dyed wool and natural brown wool!!