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My life as a kid of the King

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So this is 30.

So I am now 30. WHAT? How did that creep up on me? I mean I KNEW it was coming, and although I am blonde, I know how birthdays works. BUT STILL – 30?!?! Really??

When you look back over your life at all the amazing things that you have learnt, done, and seen – it can be overwhelming!

When I look at the last 30 years of my life – I see a lifetime of blessings, of favor and of amazing adventures. I have been to awesome places, I have experienced amazing things, I have a life that I am so thankful for. I have a wonderful and loving (and gorgeous) husband, two sweet and incredible children, amazing and supportive friends and a Jesus who love me. I can only imagine what the next ten years will hold, and the many years after that! What more I will see, do, hear and learn. I know there is a plan for my life. I know that it is big, and I know that it is only beginning!




Something I’ve been thinking about.

I went to a children’s ministry conference a few months ago. It was the second year I’ve attended and it did not disappoint! So many different things were spoken about (it was awesome!) but one thing that was mentioned has been rolling around in my head for the last week or so. 

I need to be the parent to my children – that I want them to be to theirs.

I need to be the woman – that I want my daughter to become to be.

I need to be the wife to my husband – that I want my son to marry and my daughter to be.

I need to be the leader in my community and church – that I want my children to become.

I NEED to be the christian – that I want my children to be!

There are so many influences on our kids that are NOT OKAY! There are so many people and other things telling. and showing our kids what they need to become, how they need to think and what their value is. THAT’S MY JOB!

I want my children to become the best possible versions of themselves. I want my children to be amazing spouses and in turn HAVE amazing spouses, but how will they know unless I try to be the best wife I can be? How will my daughter learn to love herself, to love Jesus and show love to others unless she is shown it everyday by me? How will my children know what is possible for those who honour and love the Lord – unless I am stepping out in faith and going there myself?

So this is more than a challenge for myself, it is a life change. Join me if you want – or don’t, it’s up to you.

Be the change you want to see in the world. Be the change you want your family to follow.

“but set the believers an example in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, in purity”

1 Timothy 4:12

“Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”

Proverbs 22:6


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Become a reality.

I have this vision or idea in my head of the life that I want to live, the food I want to eat and the impact I want to leave. I want to get back to the basics really.

With so many helpful sites and blogs I really have no excuse other than laziness! SO I am going to try to make some changes.. a little bit at a time.

When I look at our eating habits now and what I wish we were eating – I am so far off base! I want to get to a healthy, natural diet. No more packaged foods, no more preservatives and additives, no more carcinogens! It is amazing how many terrible things are in the foods we eat everyday. Even the foods that are “good” for us! I have briefly checked out this site and a few others and am going to spend some time reading over them. There is a change-a-coming!

 I want to become more self sufficient in many ways, one being with our garden, My mom is an amazing gardener and we have a constant supply of garden fresh veg during the summer. But that can only take us so far. We still have to buy the seeds from the store! I did some searching and found lots of instructions on harvesting our own seeds! BUT most seed (and produce) from the stores are hybrids and cannot be harvested! CRAZY! SO We have ALMOST finished our greenhouse construction (So exciting) and I have already started some seeds in peat pots (Heirloom Seeds)!

Anyways.. I will post about these things as they some – Wish me luck!

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What a week!!

Ahhh another day! It has been really beautiful weather here lately! Which is super awesome!! I know other places are not so lucky and are still getting snow!! Yuck!
I am getting ready for a super busy week! It is filled with work, fieldhockey, piano lessons, birthdays (mine included), special day at Abby’s school, kids club (I am doing the lesson this week), youth group and our Spring Artisan Craft Fair this Saturday! So I have to get all my items tagged and put together as well as finish creating whatever isn’t done yet!!
And I wonder why I don’t get to visit my friends as much as I’d like to!!
Here are some pics of items coming to the fair with me!