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Summer time Spinning!

The other day I took my spinning wheel (that I have not named yet – any ideas?) and set up a little spot outside in the sun. I had my big floppy hat, sunglasses and mp3 player and was ready to go! It was so nice and peaceful. I have often heard the phrase “let the yarn spin itself” and I didnt understand it until now! Here is a pic of what I spun that afternoon!


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So I told you all about my amazing gift from my mom – the 4 hour spinning lesson at Leolas Studio BUT what I didn’t know was that my mom and husband has also bought me a SPINNING WHEEL! YAY! I was totally blown away! I have been spinning and spinning ever since!

So Leolas Studio is a WONDERFUL place to go, learn and just soak in the fibre art goodness! She is a very talented and interesting lady. It took us about an hour to actually get to the lesson because we were so caught up having a nice coffee and chat! What a great way to start off! Whippletree Junction (where the studio and shop are located) is a really neat place! It has quite a few really interesting shops and the cutest courtyard. Here are some pics!

I am totally in love with Spinning and Dying and creating all this fibre goodness!