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Goodbye sweet summer days!

It still feels like summer here. The days are not as long but they are still very warm! I am enjoying it of course, but a part of me in longing for the coolness of fall. The briskness of the morning air and the joys of wearing jeans and a sweater and a nice hot drink.

I should be taking advantage and washing the huge pile of wool that has been sitting ALL summer (I havent washed a single lock! GASP!) but all I want to do is cuddle my boy and finish reading pride and prejudice! Can you blame me?

Here are a few things I am looking forward to this season:



HAIR Post!

I have ALOT of hair! It is pretty long in the back – almost to my waist. I always think about cutting it or dying it some awesome colour… but then I have a great hair day and those thoughts get pushed back again! My hair is blondish – I have roots but my awesome cousin who did my last dye job coloured it in a way that is allowing my to grow it out – so it has been almost a year since my last colour and it dosnt look to bad!

I love searching pinterest for hairstyles and tutorials! Who dosnt right? Here is a link to my board:

I love the flowy, textured, somewhat bohomian look when it comes to my hair. I honestly think it looks best when I dont brush it! Here are some looks that I LOVE!


Fashion Blog Love! – Crave by Cortnie Dyann

I would like to send a “shout out” (tee hee) to my friend Cortnie! She is one of the coolest, nicest and awesome-est (word?) gals I know and I am blessed to have her as a friend! She was very supportive when I opened (and eventually closed) my maternity shop and I was happy to return the favour when she opened her make-up/fashion boutique just down the street from me. Well the time has come for her now to close the doors to Crave Fashion and head down a new path.

I think a big part of this new path will be dedicated to her blog!

It is a great blog – and I am sure it is going to get even better in this next stage of her life. It is filled with:

  • Fashion Tips
  • OOTD Posts
  • Vegan Recipes
  • Great New Designers
  • Awesome pictures
  • And a cute little dog names Lucca!

If you are not a follower yet – What are you waiting for????

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Fashion Post – Mrs. Elenor Little

This week we had a “Stuart Little” marathon… yes that right. I have a 3 and a 7 year old so those are the movies we watch! Over and Over and OVER again!!

One thing I noticed this time was how AMAZING Mrs. Little looked in the movies. I love the clothing that they put on her! Geena Davis of course is beautiful both in face and in form so she can make anything look great!

Here are some shots from Stuart Little 1 and 2!

How CUTE are her green boots???

I seriously want to go out and get some more yellow and red clothes! 


Who is your Fashion Inspiration?

Grace Kelly? Audrey Hepburn? Lady Gaga? The Olsens? Kate Moss? SJP?

Well for me… it is my seven year old Daughter. Yes I am totally serious.

She is adorable. ADORABLE!

Why is she my fashion inspiration? Well, this past week I have been noting her clothing choices. She dresses herself everyday – and she has lots of clothes to choose from – and some of the combinations she comes up with would make most adults laugh at the thought of wearing it themselves! She LOVES purples! So…. wearing a purple top, layered over another purple top (a different shade of course) paired with yet ANOTHER purple skirt makes total sense, right?

She also dresses in themes. One day she is Nancy Drew. So that means she needs a sleuthing kit and special dress and “matching” hat. Another – she is Blair from Barbie Charm School. So that means wearing a cardigan, skirt and her little brothers tie – and of course a side ponytail on top of her head!

 What I am getting at is: She wears what she wants, what she loves and she has fun with it! She isn’t worried about showing up at church in a purple dress that is 3 SIZES to big for her with a homemade masquerade mask (she was musketeer). She doesnt worry about what other people will think. She is happy expressing herself.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all have that attitude? Well I am going to start changing the way I dress. I am going to start wearing what I want, and what makes me happy. I am going to stop dressing to please other people and start dressing to please me! I love all sorts of styles and trends, I am not going to be a one flavour kinda girl!

Now I am going to go a hug my little inspiration and then get dressed in whatever crazy outfit I choose!!!

Have a great day!

~Kristen 🙂

(POST BLOG NOTE: After I posted this, my little fashion queen came out of her room with her socks on her hands, pants on her head and t shirt as pants…. she really is adorable and quite silly!)