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I was on facebook this morning *GASP SHOCKING I KNOW* and I looked at my friends list. There are well over 500 people listed there. And I know pretty much all of the personally – with the exception of under a dozen.

Then I was thinking about how many people over the years that I have met and encountered in some way that are NOT on my friends list. There are quite a lot!  This would include people from your school experience of 12 plus years, people you’ve worked with, family friends, people at the park, people in the shops you frequent, people on vacations you’ve gone on, people you’ve given directions to… and more and more and more!!! The list goes one. So if you EVER think that you have no circle of influence. No one that you can encourage, bless, and show the light and love of Jesus to.




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He is the same.

He is the same. today. yesterday. forever.

He does not change. ever.

He is still the same God who made a covenant with Abram. He is still the God who gave barren women and hope and future and a child. He is the God who delivered a people from slavery, who supplied all their needs and took them to a land of promise. He is the same God who closed the mouths of lions. He is the same God who filled the widows bowls with oil. He is the same God who protects, provides, listens, encourages, creates and holds us as we read about in the bible. Most importantly He is still the same God who LOVED us so much that He gave His only Begotten son, so we could believe in Him and not die, but have eternal life.

This week in church I was reminded of these things. That even though I change, He has not and will not. He is still the God I cried out to in my times of trouble, He is still the God I thanked in times of happiness. He is still the God who gave me promises, a future and hope. No matter what I do or where I go, He will be there to love me, just as He has since the beginning of time.


Now replace the word Love with the word Jesus. He is all these things.

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Good word.

“If better is possible, then is good – good enough?”

Mind blown… just a bit.

This was said sunday morning during my awesome pastors message. It was said with a whole lot of other amazing things – but this is what stuck with me. It is so simple. And so true.

If we know that complete healing is possible – why do we settle for halfway.

If we know that financial freedom is possible – why do we justify debt.

If we know that an intense love is waiting to be poured on us – why do we sit content with what we have.

If we know we can have an intimate relationship with God – why do we not say hello.

There are so many things in life that we settle for. Why should good be good enough. Why sit under the rainbow when you know there is a big pot of gold waiting for you at the end. Why settle for a life of contentment and mediocrity when there is a life of abundance with our name on it.

Just a thought.


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It’s about to get personal.

Blogs are all about getting personal right? Well HERE WE GO!

I am going to be writing a bit about my feelings, so if you want to skip over this post feel free – I have plenty other posts that don’t go there (see the categories on the side) BUT if you want to keep reading… maybe this will help you too.

I struggle with fear. Not the kind where I am afraid of the dark, creepy crawlies and scary movies (which – don’t get me wrong I am not a fan of any of those things), but what I am talking about it a bit different. I am talking about a different fear.

One fear – fear of failure. I don’t think that I put my whole heart into everything that I do because somewhere inside of me I and preparing myself for it to fail. So when it does, I hope to not hurt as much. Another fear – fear of change. I hate change. I hate when people move away, hate changing jobs, even getting older or having more babies because it is the unknown, I don’t like the unknown – I even want to know how a movie ends!! Another would be – fear of perception. I do care to much of what people think of me. I am fearful of people not liking me, thinking I am stupid, or making fun of me. All of that usually causes me to in turn make fun of myself, and treat myself like I am not all the important! And a fear of not being good enough.

Does anyone else feel these fears sometimes?

So how does one live with these fears? WE DON’T!! They keep us from living a full life and becoming the people who were are supposed to be. SO I am not going to live with fear anymore!

I am a NEW CREATION in Christ. All those fears do not belong to me anymore. I am writing this post as a declaration to the world (both physical and spiritual) that:


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How you doing? I’m Blessed!

So here I am, sitting in my living room with the fireplace blazing and a nice cup of tea, and I am again reminded how blessed I am.

I met last night with some awesome ladies from my church. We were having a “knitting and coffee” night at a local coffee shop. Other than the obvious knitting and the huge amount to chitter chatter, we were also there to talk about how awesome God is!

I put forth a challenge to them – to write a list of all the things that they were beleiving for, and put it somewhere you can see it, THEN write another list of all the things that you have been blessed with recently. Whether it is something you received free of charge or some amazing sale you happened upon, or even an event that occured that you were blessed by. This was not my original idea, my girlfriend has one on her fridge and was showing how many things they had been able to check off because they were provided for them. It was such a faith builder I decided to do the same. I was SHOCKED to look at my very long list of amazing blessings that I had received. God is Good!

“Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible”                        Matthew 19:26

So what is on your list?