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My life as a kid of the King

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I am having technical issues with uploading items on my etsy! It is driving me CRAZY!! I have all sorts of items to upload and it is going to take forever! Anyways! Here are some pics of my recent bendy dolls! SO CUTE!


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What I have been up to lately…

I have sold a few bendy dolls this week – so exciting! I think I should list some more! I will have a bunch at the Vimy Hall Spring Artisan Fair, but I need to get creating! Here are some pics to give you an idea of what I have been up to!

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I am “patiently” waiting for my order of white silks…. so I can magically turn them into an amazing toy that explodes with a child’s imagination!

For anyone wondering what a playsilk is: It is ANYTHING a child can imagine!!

They transform from a simple colourful silk into a magicians cape, or a princesses gown for the ball. They are a sling for a broken arm, or a pirates bandana. They become the ocean, the earth, the trees or the sky. They are a hidden hideaway on a island paradise. They are fire from a fire breathing dragon or a streaming rainbow. The possibilities are as limitless as a childs imagination!

Look for these playsilks in lots of fun colours – coming VERY soon to my etsy shop as well as the craft fairs and market stalls this spring!

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Brewster and Forest!

I havn’t done a new doll post in a while and now I have TWO to show you! I know… Exciting right???

First up is BREWSTER! Named after a Miss Punky Brewster!

She is super cute with her spunky hot pink hair and sparkles!

She is available for purchase:

UP NEXT is a special little custom doll (I) named FOREST. This is a new style of body that I have been working on and I am pretty stoked about it! She sits really nicely and has cute hands and feet!

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A few of my favorite etsy things…..

So I love browsing on ETSY! Seriously! If you havn’t checked it out I suggest you do… BUT sometimes I find it so overwhelming! So I thought that I would share some of my favorites shops with you!

WARNING: You will find so many wonderful things that you will want to buy!

Anyways… these are just a few shops that are really cool! There are sooo many! My Esty “hearts” section is FULL!!! AND you should totally check out my Esty at