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Bonfire Party!

We had my sons birthday party last weekend! It was soo much fun! We really lucked out and had a beautiful day.

We roasted hotdogs, ate snacks, played with our over active border collies, opened gifts and ended with a fun trailer ride for the kids!

So for my cupcakes – I made mini cupcakes with orange icing. I cut up wafer cookies to make them look like wood on bonfire. We had more cupcakes, and cookies and all sorts of yummy goodies.

When it was time to go, each kids got one of these AWESOME bonfire cookies we had make by my daughters super talented piano teacher.


I love Birthday Parties! I have soo many wonderful pics – BUT they have my friends kids in them and I havn’t asked if IU could put them up!


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Another Birthday Party!

My “Little” boy is turning THREE this weekend! WOW! I am so blessed to have this munchkin to call my very own!


So we are having his birthday party this weekend. I love planning and throwing birthday parties. I have soo many ideas for my daughters future parties… but I had a hard time thinking of something for my guy! I don’t want to go the way of a “licenced” theme (not that there is anything wrong with it – it just isn’t what I like to do).

We are having a “BONFIRE Party!”

 With Halloween coming up – we were going to have a bonfire (we have a lot of stuff to burn!) but I thought it would be a great theme for a party so we are doing it a bit early! We are going to have a BIG bonfire and also a smaller fire in our fire pit for roasting hotdogs and marshmallows (This is a parent and child party – if you are wondering why I am throwing such a hazardous themed party!!!). We are going to hitch a trailer to the lawn tractor or atv and have some rides around the yard. We are going to have a scavenger hunt and some other outside games. I am going to make some bonfire cupcakes ( I will post a tutorial on how I do that later!) and for the goodie bags – My daughters paino teacher is also an amazing cookies maker. She is going to make bonfire cookies! I am planning on putting one in a bag with a rocket pop and some glowsticks. Each bag will have a special tag with the kids name on it.

I will let you know how it goes!!!!!