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What Affects You?

I have always desired to create something that evokes emotion. Pieces that people would look at and feel something in the pit of thier being. There are so many ways to affect someone.




(Above is a link to an old hymn that makes my heart sing)


How will you Affect someone today?





Ahhh Creativity RAMBLES!

Do you ever have sooo many ideas running around in your head that you feel like you are going to explode?


I mean it is great to have the juices flowing, it sure beats a creativity block BUT I get so overwhelmed! I end up doing nothing! Or doing projects at really quickly¬†so I can get them all out and then they don’t turn out very well! I have a lot of “example” ideas lying around. I also hate doing the same thing twice! I think that is why I like creating the dolls… they are all soo different and have a little personality. Anyways. I just needed to vent a bit!