Kids of the King

My life as a kid of the King

My Life List!

This is list of of things I would like to accomplish in my life. It is flexible and fun. It can change at any moment! Welcome to my ever changing LIFE LIST!

Places To Go and Things To See:

Italy | Sanfransico | Venice Beach | Disneyland with the kids | Hawaii | Haiti | Michealangelos David | Sistine Chapel |  Trevi Fountain | Tour a Castle | Ireland | Drumhellor Dinosaurs | United Kingdom | Buckingham Palace|  San Diego Zoo | Texas | Graceland | The Louvre in Paris | The Northern Lights – up close | Ground Zero | Newfoundland | Art Muesuem in Vancouver | Road Trip down the Coast | Creation museum | Hornby island with family | Northern tip of VI | VI petroglyphics |

Good Deeds To Be Done:

Missions Trip Abroad | Man a Salvation Army Kettle | Sponser a Family at Christmas | Sponser a child | Spend a whole day doing randomn acts of kindness | Take part in a walk/run for charity |

Things To Learn:

Piano | Ukelele | Guitar | Take Singing Lessons | Italian | Take a Glass Blowing Class | Salsa Lessons with Jeff | Spin my own yarn | Line dancing or Square dancing lessons | Oil Painting Lesson | Go back to school | Weave on a loom | Magic tricks | Art lessons |

Just For Fun:

Re-enact the rain scene from “Singing in the Rain” | Cover myself completely in sand (from head down) | Pet an elephant | Go to a Stanley Cup final | Go to a major awards show | Meet a celebrity | Be in a play | Be in a movie | Ride a camel | Get a parrot to repeat what I say | Knit a Cowichan Sweater | Have my own art show | Go to a Canuck game in another city | Watch a broadway play | Write a Childrens Worship song | Walk to top of Cobble Hill Mtn |


One thought on “My Life List!

  1. Good list! I want to see the Northern Lights too… Also a really big lightening storm 🙂

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