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C to 5K

Have you ever heard of the Couch to 5KM Program? I think it sounds like something I would like to attempt (and succeed in)!

The idea is getting your average couch potato running 5 kilometers or 30 minutes in just 9 weeks!! WHAT? I know! I am NOT a great runner and I never have been. Even during high school when I played on the girls rugby team (lots of running)| I struggled big time! I get really red in the face and my throat gets this closed up feeling! NOT COOL! But I want to try!

I like that it is a gradual exercise plan. There is no unrealistic expectation that you should be able to go out there and run a 5k after one week!

I am not going to write out the regime – instead check it out yourself at

Let me know if you try it and I will let you know if I am running 5k in a couple of months!!


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WLA Day 4 – My Fitness Pal App

So I totally blew it yesterday! I ate lots of things that I porbably shouldnt have!! But that is the way it goes sometimes right?

BUT I have found something that will really help me! MYFITNESSPAL app for my ipod! Here is a link to thier website version:

So I can keep track of my calorie intake everyday by adding to my food journal. It is really interesting finding out how many calories are in some items! And a bit scary too! It has a place to insert your stats and your goals. it gives you the amount of calories you should consume and keeps track through the day. I think it will be a good motivation to watch what I eat.

Check this out!

  • Starbucks Banana Loaf – 1 Slice = 390Cal
  • Starbucks Caramal Macciato Non Fat – Grande = 190Cal
  • Starbucks Oat Fudge Bar – 1 bar = 440Cal
  • MCD’s Fries – large = 500Cal
  • MCD’s Cheeseburger =300Cal
  • MCD’s Mcnuggets – 10pc = 470Cal
  • Boston Pizza Buffalo Chicken Sandwich = 910Cal
  • BP Tropical Chicken Pizza – 1 slice = 240Cal
  • BP Boston Brute = 840Cal
  • BP Chicken Stromboli (Alternative Menu) = 660Cal


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WA Day 2

Well… not much to report really! Although I am amazed by the response yesterdays post got! So many people messaged me or commented with great tips and kind words of encouragement!

One thing I have read alot in my search for weight loss tips is the importance of BREAKFAST! I am horrible at eating breakfast!! I do eat in the mornings… but ususally LATE morning…. like sometimes almost lunch! I am going to be making a HUGE effort in having a healty awesome breakfast everymorning. So lets hear about your favorite breakfast options!

ALSO I have started a pinterest board dedicated to this adventure – I will be pinning any recipes, workout regimes or encouraging words that I come across. Here is the link – be sure to check it out and hopefully you will find some inspiration there! *Disclaimer* Like most things I have pinned – I havnt gone to the source of each pin SO if you click it and you go somewhere lame or inappropriate I am not to blame!

Here is a funny I came across


Weight Loss Adventure!

I need to lose weight. Not only for my own selfish desire to look a certain way, BUT also for my health. As it turns out I am borderline obese for my age and height. So today is the first day of my weight loss “Adventure”. I am calling it an adventure is hopes of tricking myself into thinking that this is going to be fun! But knowing myself and how much I HATE dieting I know it is going to be a challenge for sure!!

So according to (which is the website that I used for my calculations) my BMI is at 29 which indicates I am over my healthy weight. I should be between 111lbs and 150lbs. I also should ideally have a waist circumference of 35in or less, which I do not! (I will post my stats at the end). Apparently a bigger waist circumference has more importance than just the unflattering belly flab – it is a major factor is alot of bad things like diabetes, stokes and hypertension!

So here are my stats! The measurements may not have been done in the exact correct way BUT I will do them the same everytime so it will be ok!

  • Height: 5ft 5inches
  • Weight: 171
  • (I thought I was 180 – so I am already off to a good start!) 
  • Hips: 40
  • Waist: 38
  • Bust: 40
  • BMI: 29

Here are my ideals!

  • Weight: 135lbs
  • Hips: 36
  • Waist: 32
  • Bust: 36
  • BMI: 23

Now I know it might seem like quite the undertaking BUT I am giving myself a year to accomplish this. Which I think is realistic… right?? I need to lose about 40 pounds… and some inches. The inches part was hard to set goals for because I don’t really know what would be a good fit for me. So we will see.

So HERE WE GO! I will be posting about this at least once a week – letting you know how it is going. If you have any advise or tips on healthy recipes, or exercise routines PLEASE SHARE THEM!! I will need all the help I can get! 

FYI – One thing I am refusing to give up during this time – my morning caffeine fix! I want my children to survive this!

*The website I used is pretty good – I am sure there are tons out there you can use. It is important to remember that these sites DO NOT take the place of a doctors consultation!*