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I was on facebook this morning *GASP SHOCKING I KNOW* and I looked at my friends list. There are well over 500 people listed there. And I know pretty much all of the personally – with the exception of under a dozen.

Then I was thinking about how many people over the years that I have met and encountered in some way that are NOT on my friends list. There are quite a lot!  This would include people from your school experience of 12 plus years, people you’ve worked with, family friends, people at the park, people in the shops you frequent, people on vacations you’ve gone on, people you’ve given directions to… and more and more and more!!! The list goes one. So if you EVER think that you have no circle of influence. No one that you can encourage, bless, and show the light and love of Jesus to.




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Here comes a RANT!

I finally have my new computer back! I had it for 3 months… the hard drive died. NOT COOL. It gets sent back to Samsung and A MONTH later I have a working computer in my hands. Except……. it is not the same as it was. There are all sorts of things missing. Urg. Back to Future Shop I go!

ANYWAYS! I am not here to rant about my computer. I am going to rant about lego. My sweet, imaginative, creative four year old LOVES to build. So we bought him some “Big Boy” lego (the real lego that is small). The first thing that I noticed when looking at the lego aisles, is that it all comes in sets. Pretty cool EXCEPT what was once the ultimate imagination toy is now something that robs you of your creativity by telling you what to make with it and how to do it! My little guy was in tears because he couldn’t follow the instructions to create the picture that he was supposed to make with the lego. It took me quite a while to convince him that he could make whatever he wanted.

My advice. Buy the lego, throw out the box and the instructions BEFORE you give it to your child. Let them decide what to make, let them use their imagination to create boats, and cars, and castles, and pirate palaces!lego1

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So this is 30.

So I am now 30. WHAT? How did that creep up on me? I mean I KNEW it was coming, and although I am blonde, I know how birthdays works. BUT STILL – 30?!?! Really??

When you look back over your life at all the amazing things that you have learnt, done, and seen – it can be overwhelming!

When I look at the last 30 years of my life – I see a lifetime of blessings, of favor and of amazing adventures. I have been to awesome places, I have experienced amazing things, I have a life that I am so thankful for. I have a wonderful and loving (and gorgeous) husband, two sweet and incredible children, amazing and supportive friends and a Jesus who love me. I can only imagine what the next ten years will hold, and the many years after that! What more I will see, do, hear and learn. I know there is a plan for my life. I know that it is big, and I know that it is only beginning!


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My good friend and I had a coffee date this morning. She lives a province away and I am so happy when she comes back home for a visit. Whenever we get together there is one common occurrence… we are usually both 10-15 minutes late!! Anyways – she had heard a very interesting theory about people who are chronically late (like us) “Optimistic people are commonly late because they truly believe that they will make it in time!” Or something to that nature! It made me laugh. I am always thinking I have enough time – even when I have 5 minutes to get somewhere that is 15 minutes away! Like somehow it will happen!

Happy Friday 🙂


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Good word.

“If better is possible, then is good – good enough?”

Mind blown… just a bit.

This was said sunday morning during my awesome pastors message. It was said with a whole lot of other amazing things – but this is what stuck with me. It is so simple. And so true.

If we know that complete healing is possible – why do we settle for halfway.

If we know that financial freedom is possible – why do we justify debt.

If we know that an intense love is waiting to be poured on us – why do we sit content with what we have.

If we know we can have an intimate relationship with God – why do we not say hello.

There are so many things in life that we settle for. Why should good be good enough. Why sit under the rainbow when you know there is a big pot of gold waiting for you at the end. Why settle for a life of contentment and mediocrity when there is a life of abundance with our name on it.

Just a thought.


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I am so incredibly blessed to have the amazing friendships that I do. They love me for who I am, not who they want me to be. They care about my feelings, and are there when I need them. They laugh with me (sometimes at me – but that’s ok because I am laughing too!). We share our lives, our fears and hopes. We pray for each other. We correct each other with kindness and grace – not condemning or double-sided comments. We trust.

I have a daughter, and as she grows I pray daily that she develops friendships like these. That she knows what a true friend is and she has the strength to cut ties with those that are not. Friends don’t make you feel badly about yourself. They don’t put you in compromising or unsafe situations. They don’t mock you for your faith or morals. They don’t tell your secrets to make themselves seem superior. I hear myself repeating the saying – if a friend makes you ___________ then they really are not a real friend – and it is true! We need to surround ourselves with people who act in the true nature of friendship. Because friends love you, build you up, support you, and defend you.

On a lighter note – I was googling friendship pics to put on here and came across this comic – It is pretty funny!