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Downtown market days!

I have been a participant in our local market this summer! What a blast! It is such a great group of different venders! Here is how my booth looked one of the weeks:






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Summer Camp Crafts!

Wow! I cannot beleive it is that time again! Kids Camp started NEXT WEEK! I am so blessed to be in charge of the crafts for both camps this year. But I am also super stressed about picking the right crafts to do. There is such a age difference (7-12 boys and girls) so finding something that everyone will like can be a challenge.

Here is a link to a previous post about last years crafts:

I am thankful to have pinterest at my disposal and have found many ideas for my summer camp board BUT if anyone wants to shoot some ideas my way I would be very thankful!

Here is a nature craft I found – I think this would be cool:


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Spring Artisan Sale and Showcase!

This Saturday (April 21st) is the first Spring Artisan Sale and Showcase, and I have a table/booth there! I hope you can come by and buy some amazing things from some of the vendors there!

SheSewCrafty Canada –Unique and whimsical fascinators and more!
Design Diva’s – Two Gals making quilts and fabric crafts!
Crumbles Cookies and More – Gourmet cookies decorated with style!
Identity Graphics – Specialty design and so much more!
Not to Shabby Home Décor – Shabby chic wooden home décor!
Just for you Creations – Amazing hats for adults and kids!
New Creations by Kristen – Waldorf dolls, handspun yarn and more!
Nourish Health and Wellness – Fitness and nutrition by Kathleen
Epicure Selections – Canadian cookware, herbs and more!
Cowichan Pasta – Pasta from 100% Vancouver Island Ingredients
Fancy That Crafts – Garden art, plants and more!
Mine Feathers – Handmade silver jewelry and more!
Lindsay Hill – Clothing knit and crocheted out of natural fibers
Mixed Metal Mimi – Silver, copper and brass upcycled crafted jewelry
Tinsely Designs – Children’s art and more!
Ambiant Essentials – Candles, Gifts and more!
Soak Essentials – Bath and Body

Here is the address: 3968 Gibbins Road, Duncan, BC

Look what kinds of things l have there:

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What a week!!

Ahhh another day! It has been really beautiful weather here lately! Which is super awesome!! I know other places are not so lucky and are still getting snow!! Yuck!
I am getting ready for a super busy week! It is filled with work, fieldhockey, piano lessons, birthdays (mine included), special day at Abby’s school, kids club (I am doing the lesson this week), youth group and our Spring Artisan Craft Fair this Saturday! So I have to get all my items tagged and put together as well as finish creating whatever isn’t done yet!!
And I wonder why I don’t get to visit my friends as much as I’d like to!!
Here are some pics of items coming to the fair with me!






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Not too Shabby Home Decor

I LOVE SAHM/WAHM companies and products! There are so many amazing women out there that are juggling both kids and creating that I am going to try and blog about them every week!

This week I want to bring to your attention a LOCAL mom who is making the most beautiful signs for your home!
Handmade shabby chic wooden home decor are made from recycled or reclaimed wood. They are
lovingly stenciled and antiqued by hand, and you are now able to get custom names, quotes and colours! These are some pics of my favorites from her facebook page.


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Coffee or Tea? Dying tutorial.

The other day I thought I would try dying some wool with some really old coffee beans and some tea that I didnt like! So I googled it and figured out it is just like any other dye! But I will share with you!(I also dyed other wool using some BLUE food colouring – you will see in the pictures)

First Step:

 Get some warm water and add some vinegar. Put your wool in and let it soak for a while.

Second Step:

Make the dye bath. So take what ever it is, Coffee (from the coffee pot is the easiest) or Tea (steeped and strained) and add some vinegar (Vinegar acts as an acid so help animal fibres absorb colour). You may need to add some more hot water depending on the strength of the colour or amount of wool you are planning to dye.

Third Step: 

 Add the wool from the vinegar bath (try not to bring all the waterover by gently squeezing some out) and heat on the stove. Make sure your wool is covered. *Do NOT let your pot come to a boil – it can cause felting to the wool).

Fourth Step:

When the wool is at the desired shade (it may lighten once rinsed) take out, rinse in similar temp water slowly making cooler and spin in a salad spinner. *Some may wish to add a bit of soap for a soap rinse as well*

Fifth Step:


Lay out to dry in the sun. You will know it is dry when it is not cool to the touch.


I noticed that the tea and coffee did not turn out as dark as I had hoped. I think that will differ from different types and strengths.

All the colour did not absorb like other dyes do, so that was not a sign of it being finished. I think I left it for 30 mins.

I found dying with onion skins MUCH easier… with a darker colour. BUT it didnt smell as nice 🙂

I dont know if I will do this type much. Although I think it will look AMAZING carded with my onion skin dyed wool and natural brown wool!!


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Fall is coming!

I know this SHOULD be a Fashion Friday post… But I thought it could be a Fall Friday instead!

I don’t know about any of you… BUT I am super excited to have some cooler days!! It even rained a bit yesterday! WOOHOO! Who would have thought that would be exciting? But after a whole summer with about 2 rainy days – I was glad to see those few precious drops!

I have been really getting into my wool and have been scouring the net looking for great patterns to try. I found the GREATEST pattern and cannot wait to try it…. are you ready – it is for PERRY THE PLATYPUS! I couldn’t believe my luck!! For anyone who has no clue who I am talking about, you are missing out! Here is a pic from one of my FAV cartoons Phineas and Ferb!

That is Perry on the front of the surfboard. The pattern looks kinda difficult but I am going to try my best and hopefully give it to my little guy for Christmas. 

Are you exciting for Fall? What are you doing to get ready?