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Enough already!


Slander and Gossip

Hatred and Anger



I am so tired of the constant baloney of negativity that I am forced to put up with. That I am forced to hear and see on a daily basis. It is exhausting. I can only imagine how tired these people must be who are putting it out there. You know exactly the type I am talking about. They are only happy when tearing someone else apart, always taking offence and then taking it out on others, taking and never giving, spewing hateful and untruthful words to whoever will listen no matter what the cost, oh and most importantly they are NEVER wrong!

I feel like screaming ENOUGH ALREADY!


Every time you hear a negative word – Speak life at it TIMES 2!

Every time you hear or read something that is tearing someone down – Write or say something that you love and appreciate about someone TIMES 2!!

Let’s fight the good fight – Let’s spread LOVE and PEACE and POSITIVITY everywhere we go! Light and dark cannot exist together! SO Lets PUSH IT OUT!! BE the LIGHT!!!


Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing – 1 Thessalonians 5:11


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Break Every Chain…

There is power in the name of Jesus…. To break every chain, break every chain BREAK EVERY CHAIN!

This morning in church we sang this song. While we were singing, the Lord showed me something. As we sang – I saw a person with their arms raised and they were bound by chains – with all his strength he pulled them apart and the chains broke apart. But he still had the shackles on his arms. The Lord showed me a different picture. It was that same man but when the chains broke – they broke at the arms, so the chains fell completely off. Then He told me this. When the Power of Jesus comes to break the chains off of us, they are broken off at the source, they are completely gone. He doesn’t leave the reminders around our arms and legs. He doesn’t leave the chains hanging causing us to stumble and fall. Whatever chains you are bound by – whether they are chains of addiction, anxiety, sadness, past, selfishness, sickness, lust….. Whatever chains that are holding you prisoner – The very NAME of Jesus has the power to break them off. So call out to the one who loves you, the one who has power, the one who was wounded for us. Call out to Jesus and leave those chains in a rusted heap behind you as you begin to walk humbly with your God.