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I am so incredibly blessed to have the amazing friendships that I do. They love me for who I am, not who they want me to be. They care about my feelings, and are there when I need them. They laugh with me (sometimes at me – but that’s ok because I am laughing too!). We share our lives, our fears and hopes. We pray for each other. We correct each other with kindness and grace – not condemning or double-sided comments. We trust.

I have a daughter, and as she grows I pray daily that she develops friendships like these. That she knows what a true friend is and she has the strength to cut ties with those that are not. Friends don’t make you feel badly about yourself. They don’t put you in compromising or unsafe situations. They don’t mock you for your faith or morals. They don’t tell your secrets to make themselves seem superior. I hear myself repeating the saying – if a friend makes you ___________ then they really are not a real friend – and it is true! We need to surround ourselves with people who act in the true nature of friendship. Because friends love you, build you up, support you, and defend you.

On a lighter note – I was googling friendship pics to put on here and came across this comic – It is pretty funny!



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