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I just read….


I finally read the hunger games trilogy! And I LOVED IT! I don’t know why I waited so long and I don’t know why I was surprised at how HOOKED I became! I read the last two in a couple days! AND I was pacing myself! While I was reading the first book I had this feeling that I was going to be very upset by the ending of this series. The way everyone was dying, I was certain a certain few people would end up too…. and most did BUT it kept me guessing until the very end – which does not usually happen for me! Anyways – I can’t wait to see the movies!!! I have a feeling I have turned into a fangirl! I found this picture someone did of quotes from the book (3 I think?) I hope it makes it into the movies because it was one of my favorite parts. It shows the connection between them beautifully!



2 thoughts on “I just read….

  1. The same thing happened to myself! Everyone was telling me to read them and when I finally did I fell in love and couldn’t put them down! I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who waited and I’m glad you enjoyed them!

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