Kids of the King

My life as a kid of the King

I am looking for a new look, a new focus and a new vision. I am not sure who, where or what my blog will be about, maybe the same old randomness that consumes my life! But it will be an adventure for sure.

I have lots of changes coming my way – I’m turning 30 (yikes!) soon, our 10 year wedding anniversary is coming up, my girlie is going to be 9, my little is starting kindergarten this fall and I am *planning* on starting some schooling for myself. Writing it all out is making my heart beat a step faster! WOWZA! It all makes me feel like I have to start growing up! But we all know that is NOT AN OPTION 😉

So if you check in from time to time, there may be a new layout, a new banner, and new random post! But dont let that detour you. Life is filled with random bits of happiness, its exciting and I know that the Lord has big plans for what is coming! Its a big year and I feel like it is a lifechanger.

“Where you go I’ll go, Where you stay I’ll stay”

Ruth 1:16



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