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MIA Again?? Its a NEW YEAR!

Surprize! I got distracted by life… again. I am sure you all understand what that is like! Well good news is – We are searching for a NEW computer! YAY! So that means I can blog more consistently. I am in constant fear of my current laptop blowing up while in use!

We have been a very busy little house lately. The new years cleaning and organizing bug has definitely taken hold of me and I am in the purging mood! I am currently working on my kitchen. Fun right? Well sometimes it can be! I am finding out that I have WAY more things than I need!! So off they go РI need to be okay that all my cupboards arent filled with something! (We have a lot).

SO I am excited about this new year. It is always a time to reflect and head forward. Off with the old and into the new right? Well this year is going to be filled with new experiences, jumping out of our comfort zones and making an impact.