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Pinterest Challenge.. Continued!

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I have been totally MIA the last bit of the week BUT I have a great excuse! The weather has been AMAZING so I have spent very little time on the computer! It is another beautiful day today but it is still early so I thought I would do a quick post! I have continued on with my pinterest challenge this last week – most things having to do with the outdoors! I don’t have any personal pics (I will do another post with those included) but here are the pins I re-created!

It is my lovely daughters birthday party next month – so we used this picture as inspiration for her invites – it’s a pj/slumber party theme!

( )

It was also MOTHERS DAY this past weekend (Happy Mothers Day everyone!) So I made my amazing mom some of these for part of her present! The funny thing is – I tricked her into collecting paint stir sticks from some local hardware store! Tee Hee!

( )

AND we made a BEAN TEE PEE!! I am sooo excited for this one! Right now it looks kinda silly – like a big pile of boards piled up BUT once those little pole beans start to growing my kids will love to spend time in the garden munching on fresh beans!

( )

I am going to do some sewing next – I have a craft fair next weekend and think I need some fresh stock!

What have you been doing from your pinterest boards?


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