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It’s about to get personal.

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Blogs are all about getting personal right? Well HERE WE GO!

I am going to be writing a bit about my feelings, so if you want to skip over this post feel free – I have plenty other posts that don’t go there (see the categories on the side) BUT if you want to keep reading… maybe this will help you too.

I struggle with fear. Not the kind where I am afraid of the dark, creepy crawlies and scary movies (which – don’t get me wrong I am not a fan of any of those things), but what I am talking about it a bit different. I am talking about a different fear.

One fear – fear of failure. I don’t think that I put my whole heart into everything that I do because somewhere inside of me I and preparing myself for it to fail. So when it does, I hope to not hurt as much. Another fear – fear of change. I hate change. I hate when people move away, hate changing jobs, even getting older or having more babies because it is the unknown, I don’t like the unknown – I even want to know how a movie ends!! Another would be – fear of perception. I do care to much of what people think of me. I am fearful of people not liking me, thinking I am stupid, or making fun of me. All of that usually causes me to in turn make fun of myself, and treat myself like I am not all the important! And a fear of not being good enough.

Does anyone else feel these fears sometimes?

So how does one live with these fears? WE DON’T!! They keep us from living a full life and becoming the people who were are supposed to be. SO I am not going to live with fear anymore!

I am a NEW CREATION in Christ. All those fears do not belong to me anymore. I am writing this post as a declaration to the world (both physical and spiritual) that:



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