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New Girls Quotes!

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For those of you who love Zooey Deshanels show “New Girl” here are some LOL quotes for you:

Jess: “That’s where I live, and those are my friends, and that wasn’t even the first stabbing this month. Russell, my life is just as important as your life, and if you want to get with me, you have to get with my friends. And that is a Spice Girls song”


Nick: “Russell, hey. I can show around, I can show you our world. Way up here, it’s crystal-clear.”
Jess: “Nick, you’re doing Aladdin.”
Nick: “Again?”

Nick: “They don’t know what Saved by the Bell is and they’ve never felt pain.”

Nick: “I want to sit at that desk and veto a law. You smell that? It smells like leather, Teddy Roosevelt, and wistfulness.”

Jess: What’s going on? Why is the cast of The Social Network in our apartment?

Nick: “Where are you guys? Could I have walked out to the mountains? When does a hill become a mountain? I’m so cold” ~ (FYI I cry-laughed at this scene!)

Nick: “He smells of strong coffee and going to see a man about a horse”

Schmidt: “I’m gonna go take a shower with Nick’s bar soap like a common ranch hand.”

Jess [to Nick]: “Are you sure you’re okay? You’re walking like a Disney witch. Let me drive you to your doctor.”

Jess: “I saw Nick’s pipi. And his bubbles”

Nick: “I could pretend to be more like you, Jess, and live on a sparkly rainbow and drive a unicorn around and just sing all the time”


One thought on “New Girls Quotes!

  1. Um…. I think you know how I feel about this. Freeze frame!

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