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Chalk dye day 2 & My go-to hairstyle

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I am LOVING the colour in my hair! I am seriously thinking about going and buying some semi-perm FUN colour dye and adding a few strands wherever I please! The chalk is still there – but I am sure it will be gone as soon as I wash it. My friend gave me some advise – hairspray should help it stay in longer – makes sence right??

So everyone has a “Go-To” hairstyle – well mine is the top knot/messy bun! I usually do it a bit bigger and messier but here it is:


Can you see the awesome pink strands? LOVE IT!


I would like you to note – that I did my hair this morning at 8am. These pics were taken at 6pm when I FINALLY got home! This is also after taking my kids to feildhockey, attending a 7 year olds birthday party (outside), planning and attending a double baby shower and then driving home! It looks EXACTLY the same as this morning! AWESOME RIGHT?!



If you are looking for a tutorial on how to do this style of bun – check this out:

This is a video from forever21 – I usually tease my hair like they do in the video – and it turns out awesome!!



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