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Chalk Dye – A Week in the life of my hair!

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I did something today I have been wanting to try for a while! Chalk Dye! You use SOFT PASTELS/CHALK and pretty much just colour in your hair where you want to! (There is a bit more to it than that but – not much!) I got the info from here – Which is FULL of awesome tutorials and tips on hair, fashion, makeup and nails!

Heres how it looked:

It says that if you are blonde you shouldn’t wet your hair because it will make it last longer than the day or two – BUT I wanted it to so I wet my hair. I found it lightened up soooo much over a few hours – kinda disappointing – causeing me to re-chalk a few times before I left.

I tried doing all sorts of really cool hairstyles today – and was sooo unhappy with ALL of them – so as of right now I am prob going to end up with my fav fishtail braid!

Here is a link to a Fishtail Braid tutorial : 

which is again a video from LC at the beauty department!!


One thought on “Chalk Dye – A Week in the life of my hair!

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