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Sock bun hair = Success


I used the sock bun technique today to get some curl for my hair -curling irons take forever and do not last past the door! Anyways you should do it through the night BUT I just watched the video this morning …. Sooo oh well!
Here are a few pics – I used my iPod so they are lame shots BUT you will see the effect! (also I am NOT photogenic so you prob won’t see many pics of me!!)

I am off for a kidless dinner with my love!




8 thoughts on “Sock bun hair = Success

  1. Awesome!!! Did you just do a sock bun for the day and then take it out? Was your hair wet? You look fabulous! And you are such a liar you are totally photogenic…please do more picture of you 🙂 Have a great date! xx

    • You are tooo nice Cort!! Abby took the pic of me outside – She was so excited!
      I put the sock bun in this morning/noon and got it a bit wet before. I added a bit of hairspray as well. I actually liked having my hair up in a bun all day – it is sooo comfy!!

  2. beautiful, as always!

  3. I need to find out about this sock bun thing, because you looked HOT!!!

  4. Oooh, gorgeous! 😀

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