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HAIR Post!


I have ALOT of hair! It is pretty long in the back – almost to my waist. I always think about cutting it or dying it some awesome colour… but then I have a great hair day and those thoughts get pushed back again! My hair is blondish – I have roots but my awesome cousin who did my last dye job coloured it in a way that is allowing my to grow it out – so it has been almost a year since my last colour and it dosnt look to bad!

I love searching pinterest for hairstyles and tutorials! Who dosnt right? Here is a link to my board:

I love the flowy, textured, somewhat bohomian look when it comes to my hair. I honestly think it looks best when I dont brush it! Here are some looks that I LOVE!


4 thoughts on “HAIR Post!

  1. Love it! Do you ever check youtube for ideas? I am going to try that braid/ bun combo :).

  2. I usually just find things on pinterest! I am taking more interest in doing my hair lately! I am having a heck of a time with the sock bun though!!!!

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