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Sweet Bohemian Hair

I didnt take a picture of my hairstyle today – I was working (waitress) so my hair had to be pulled back. Here is a video link to a similar style that I wore at work! I love this girls videos!

Here are some more “Bohemian” inspired dos!



Day 4! Faux hawk?

I tried a version of the “faux hawk” for church today. I got a lot of compliments! So that’s a good sign! I toned it down a bit – I could have teased it more to make a more dramatic look, but since I was going to a morning church service I thought it would be better!




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Chalk dye day 2 & My go-to hairstyle

I am LOVING the colour in my hair! I am seriously thinking about going and buying some semi-perm FUN colour dye and adding a few strands wherever I please! The chalk is still there – but I am sure it will be gone as soon as I wash it. My friend gave me some advise – hairspray should help it stay in longer – makes sence right??

So everyone has a “Go-To” hairstyle – well mine is the top knot/messy bun! I usually do it a bit bigger and messier but here it is:


Can you see the awesome pink strands? LOVE IT!


I would like you to note – that I did my hair this morning at 8am. These pics were taken at 6pm when I FINALLY got home! This is also after taking my kids to feildhockey, attending a 7 year olds birthday party (outside), planning and attending a double baby shower and then driving home! It looks EXACTLY the same as this morning! AWESOME RIGHT?!



If you are looking for a tutorial on how to do this style of bun – check this out:

This is a video from forever21 – I usually tease my hair like they do in the video – and it turns out awesome!!


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Chalk Dye – A Week in the life of my hair!

I did something today I have been wanting to try for a while! Chalk Dye! You use SOFT PASTELS/CHALK and pretty much just colour in your hair where you want to! (There is a bit more to it than that but – not much!) I got the info from here – Which is FULL of awesome tutorials and tips on hair, fashion, makeup and nails!

Heres how it looked:

It says that if you are blonde you shouldn’t wet your hair because it will make it last longer than the day or two – BUT I wanted it to so I wet my hair. I found it lightened up soooo much over a few hours – kinda disappointing – causeing me to re-chalk a few times before I left.

I tried doing all sorts of really cool hairstyles today – and was sooo unhappy with ALL of them – so as of right now I am prob going to end up with my fav fishtail braid!

Here is a link to a Fishtail Braid tutorial : 

which is again a video from LC at the beauty department!!

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A week of my hair!

I have decided to try a new hairstyle EVERYDAY this week and share it with you all 🙂
So starting with today’s hairstyle!
I washed my hair this morning and was waiting for it to dry (it takes a long time) before I tried a hairstyle BUT by the time it dried we were off to do some shopping!! So I left it down.
But here is a great reference point for all the other posts – sort of a before shot.


As you can see it is pretty long! And pretty thick! Which can be a big hassle most of the time BUT can be great for all the wonderful hair tutorials I see online!! I am also rocking the “ombré” hair trend – totally be accident! I am growing it out!
So I will post tomorrow my hair of the day! I am thinking braided crown… We will see how it goes!

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Awesome tips!

her new leaf

I am still obsessed with Instagram – are you? I think it’s a great way to capture small, every-day moments that you might otherwise forget. I love looking back over my photos and remembering when I took them! Here are a few tips for how to make your Instagrams shine.

Use your phone’s camera app to take your photo, then import into Instagram. The built-in camera app has way more capability than the Instagram camera, including zoom, focus, and exposure.

Bonus tip – ever had a photo turn out poorly because your subject was backlit and appeared too dark? On the iPhone, touch and hold your finger on your subject to lock the focus and exposure.

When you bring your photos in from the camera app, you will have the ability to zoom in on your subject – use it! Cut out anything unimportant in the background and showcase the…

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