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WA Day 2

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Well… not much to report really! Although I am amazed by the response yesterdays post got! So many people messaged me or commented with great tips and kind words of encouragement!

One thing I have read alot in my search for weight loss tips is the importance of BREAKFAST! I am horrible at eating breakfast!! I do eat in the mornings… but ususally LATE morning…. like sometimes almost lunch! I am going to be making a HUGE effort in having a healty awesome breakfast everymorning. So lets hear about your favorite breakfast options!

ALSO I have started a pinterest board dedicated to this adventure – I will be pinning any recipes, workout regimes or encouraging words that I come across. Here is the link – be sure to check it out and hopefully you will find some inspiration there! *Disclaimer* Like most things I have pinned – I havnt gone to the source of each pin SO if you click it and you go somewhere lame or inappropriate I am not to blame!

Here is a funny I came across


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