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Weight Loss Adventure!


I need to lose weight. Not only for my own selfish desire to look a certain way, BUT also for my health. As it turns out I am borderline obese for my age and height. So today is the first day of my weight loss “Adventure”. I am calling it an adventure is hopes of tricking myself into thinking that this is going to be fun! But knowing myself and how much I HATE dieting I know it is going to be a challenge for sure!!

So according to (which is the website that I used for my calculations) my BMI is at 29 which indicates I am over my healthy weight. I should be between 111lbs and 150lbs. I also should ideally have a waist circumference of 35in or less, which I do not! (I will post my stats at the end). Apparently a bigger waist circumference has more importance than just the unflattering belly flab – it is a major factor is alot of bad things like diabetes, stokes and hypertension!

So here are my stats! The measurements may not have been done in the exact correct way BUT I will do them the same everytime so it will be ok!

  • Height: 5ft 5inches
  • Weight: 171
  • (I thought I was 180 – so I am already off to a good start!) 
  • Hips: 40
  • Waist: 38
  • Bust: 40
  • BMI: 29

Here are my ideals!

  • Weight: 135lbs
  • Hips: 36
  • Waist: 32
  • Bust: 36
  • BMI: 23

Now I know it might seem like quite the undertaking BUT I am giving myself a year to accomplish this. Which I think is realistic… right?? I need to lose about 40 pounds… and some inches. The inches part was hard to set goals for because I don’t really know what would be a good fit for me. So we will see.

So HERE WE GO! I will be posting about this at least once a week – letting you know how it is going. If you have any advise or tips on healthy recipes, or exercise routines PLEASE SHARE THEM!! I will need all the help I can get! 

FYI – One thing I am refusing to give up during this time – my morning caffeine fix! I want my children to survive this!

*The website I used is pretty good – I am sure there are tons out there you can use. It is important to remember that these sites DO NOT take the place of a doctors consultation!*


14 thoughts on “Weight Loss Adventure!

  1. You can do it!!!! Supernatural Weight loss!!

  2. You will do great!!

    • Kristen, GOOD FOR YOU! If you need tips or exercise help at all just let me know. I took some fitness courses a while back so I have some good info!

      • I would really like some exercises that improve my stamina/endurance! I get tired out super fast… but I am usually tired before I start! I also need to trim my belly/waist!

  3. I’m currently on the same journey! 135 is my short term goal. It’s tough being short and curvy 😦 I’m using the myfitnesspal app. Good luck to you! One step at a time baby 🙂

    • We can do it! I think curves are beautiful and want to keep most of mine… the problem is they are hidden by flesh at the moment!

  4. Hi Kristin, Laura and I have/are doing a 2 week Challenge, here’s the link, hopefully he link works…it’s been great, and something to follow at least….good luck!
    Also, I have a sweet tooth, so I allow myself a 200 calorie/day (if needed) treat of my choice, makes the whole ‘dieting’ or watching what you eat not soo boring!

  5. Way to go! I love Tosca Reno and her “eat clean” lifestyle. On her website there is a fantastic recipe for slow cooker Mexican chicken (which I happen to be making today). Her books are available at the library, as well as at Safeway, among other places. I like eating every couple of hours, like she suggests. Portion sizes are important, and having lean protein at each meal. Good luck!

  6. Do you have a Wii? If so, do you have Wii fit? It’s pretty fun. Trevor can rack up perfect soccer heading games, but also loves the yoga, dancing, etc. Might be a good start, or something the kids might enjoy doing with you.

    • We have a Kinect – which is awesome! Abby loves playing and I have a dance game – I need to get in the habit of playing EVERY morning!

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