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La Femme Nikita – Blast from the Past.

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La Femme Nikita was one of my FAVORITE show… back in the ’90s. I know there is a new version of it out – but I can’t bring myself to watch it (much like the “new” 90210’s and other renew/remakes of shows from the past).  Well I found out recently that the orginal canadian series is on TV!! Woo Hoo!

I think the reason I loved it so much is because of Peta Wilson! She kicked SERIOUS BUTT!!! A part of me always wanted to be her – a part of me still does! She was AWESOME! For those of you who watched it – you will know what I am talking about when I say SUNGLASSES! I have aways wanted a collection of sunglasses like she had. The hanging pot rack filled with them was the coolest thing ever!!

I was hoping to blog a bit more about the show and everything.. but I am just getting over being sick and cannot get my head together!!





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