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La Femme Nikita – Blast from the Past.

La Femme Nikita was one of my FAVORITE show… back in the ’90s. I know there is a new version of it out – but I can’t bring myself to watch it (much like the “new” 90210’s and other renew/remakes of shows from the past).  Well I found out recently that the orginal canadian series is on TV!! Woo Hoo!

I think the reason I loved it so much is because of Peta Wilson! She kicked SERIOUS BUTT!!! A part of me always wanted to be her – a part of me still does! She was AWESOME! For those of you who watched it – you will know what I am talking about when I say SUNGLASSES! I have aways wanted a collection of sunglasses like she had. The hanging pot rack filled with them was the coolest thing ever!!

I was hoping to blog a bit more about the show and everything.. but I am just getting over being sick and cannot get my head together!!





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I am “patiently” waiting for my order of white silks…. so I can magically turn them into an amazing toy that explodes with a child’s imagination!

For anyone wondering what a playsilk is: It is ANYTHING a child can imagine!!

They transform from a simple colourful silk into a magicians cape, or a princesses gown for the ball. They are a sling for a broken arm, or a pirates bandana. They become the ocean, the earth, the trees or the sky. They are a hidden hideaway on a island paradise. They are fire from a fire breathing dragon or a streaming rainbow. The possibilities are as limitless as a childs imagination!

Look for these playsilks in lots of fun colours – coming VERY soon to my etsy shop as well as the craft fairs and market stalls this spring!

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What’s Your Destiny?

des·ti·ny:“The inevitable or necessary fate to which a particular person or thing is destined; one’s lot.”

Someone asked me this week: “What is your destiny?”

Now I don’t know if he was looking for a real, thoughtful or deep answer. But when I couldn’t answer, it really got me thinking.

Do you think anyone really knows thier destiny? Or do we figure it out when we get there? Are we in control of own destiny? Or is it like the defintion – inevitable?

 Can we change our stars?

~Kristen 🙂


Who is your Fashion Inspiration?

Grace Kelly? Audrey Hepburn? Lady Gaga? The Olsens? Kate Moss? SJP?

Well for me… it is my seven year old Daughter. Yes I am totally serious.

She is adorable. ADORABLE!

Why is she my fashion inspiration? Well, this past week I have been noting her clothing choices. She dresses herself everyday – and she has lots of clothes to choose from – and some of the combinations she comes up with would make most adults laugh at the thought of wearing it themselves! She LOVES purples! So…. wearing a purple top, layered over another purple top (a different shade of course) paired with yet ANOTHER purple skirt makes total sense, right?

She also dresses in themes. One day she is Nancy Drew. So that means she needs a sleuthing kit and special dress and “matching” hat. Another – she is Blair from Barbie Charm School. So that means wearing a cardigan, skirt and her little brothers tie – and of course a side ponytail on top of her head!

 What I am getting at is: She wears what she wants, what she loves and she has fun with it! She isn’t worried about showing up at church in a purple dress that is 3 SIZES to big for her with a homemade masquerade mask (she was musketeer). She doesnt worry about what other people will think. She is happy expressing herself.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all have that attitude? Well I am going to start changing the way I dress. I am going to start wearing what I want, and what makes me happy. I am going to stop dressing to please other people and start dressing to please me! I love all sorts of styles and trends, I am not going to be a one flavour kinda girl!

Now I am going to go a hug my little inspiration and then get dressed in whatever crazy outfit I choose!!!

Have a great day!

~Kristen 🙂

(POST BLOG NOTE: After I posted this, my little fashion queen came out of her room with her socks on her hands, pants on her head and t shirt as pants…. she really is adorable and quite silly!)

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Brewster and Forest!

I havn’t done a new doll post in a while and now I have TWO to show you! I know… Exciting right???

First up is BREWSTER! Named after a Miss Punky Brewster!

She is super cute with her spunky hot pink hair and sparkles!

She is available for purchase:

UP NEXT is a special little custom doll (I) named FOREST. This is a new style of body that I have been working on and I am pretty stoked about it! She sits really nicely and has cute hands and feet!

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Its a New Year.

Happy New Year!

A little bit late – but hey – it is still a new year right?

I wish that I had something really profound and deep to share with you all. Something about new starts, going after your dreams, and making this the year that you go after what you have been striving for. I wish I could write about resolving to live a green lifestyle, to do something that will better your community around you. I wish I could write about resolutions like living outside your comfort zone, being bold and adventurous, conquering your fears and loving the Lord with wild abandon!

But I got nothing for you today.

🙂 KristenLeclair