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Another Birthday Party!

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My “Little” boy is turning THREE this weekend! WOW! I am so blessed to have this munchkin to call my very own!


So we are having his birthday party this weekend. I love planning and throwing birthday parties. I have soo many ideas for my daughters future parties… but I had a hard time thinking of something for my guy! I don’t want to go the way of a “licenced” theme (not that there is anything wrong with it – it just isn’t what I like to do).

We are having a “BONFIRE Party!”

 With Halloween coming up – we were going to have a bonfire (we have a lot of stuff to burn!) but I thought it would be a great theme for a party so we are doing it a bit early! We are going to have a BIG bonfire and also a smaller fire in our fire pit for roasting hotdogs and marshmallows (This is a parent and child party – if you are wondering why I am throwing such a hazardous themed party!!!). We are going to hitch a trailer to the lawn tractor or atv and have some rides around the yard. We are going to have a scavenger hunt and some other outside games. I am going to make some bonfire cupcakes ( I will post a tutorial on how I do that later!) and for the goodie bags – My daughters paino teacher is also an amazing cookies maker. She is going to make bonfire cookies! I am planning on putting one in a bag with a rocket pop and some glowsticks. Each bag will have a special tag with the kids name on it.

I will let you know how it goes!!!!!



One thought on “Another Birthday Party!

  1. I CAN NOT believe Eden is going to be 3 already…crazy!!! Happy Birthday to him 🙂 Hopefully I get to see you guys soon, I miss you all!


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