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Meet CLEO!

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Meet Cleo!! She is an approx 15 inch tall “Kids of the King” Waldorf Inspired Doll.

She is wearing a kimono inspired wrap style shirt made out of some beautiful vintage cotton (from my grandmother!) and a brown ribbon tie. She has cotton pants and some really cool stretch cotton fringed boots/slippers.

She has a beautiful head of hair that is a mix of handspun blonde with sparkles, browns and oranges. When it is down, it hits below her shoulders and it is very FULL!! She has two sparkled gold hair clips. Her hair is in the crochet cap style which allows for many different hairstyles, and is sewn on so that it will stand the test of little hands tugging.

Her eyes are hand embroidered in a lovely shade of green and she has a nice little smile.

She is great to squeeze and hug because of her softer body. She has nice lean and long arms which make her quite easy to dress and play with.

She has been handformed and stuffed with love and 100% LOCAL Cowichan Valley wool that I collected, cleaned and carded myself. She is covered with reclaimed 100% cotton.

She has been put through the hug test and passed with flying colours! She will make a wonderful friend!

Please not – not intended for children under the age of 3. Does contain small part


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