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I don’t know if anyone who is reading this has been following this season of YTV’s The Next Star…. or even knows what I am talking about…. BUT I have!! The Next Star is kinda like a Canadian Idol but for ages 10-15. It is pretty cute! What I really like is that they don’t get voted off each week, instead the top 6 from all over the country are picked and mentored. They write songs, record songs, learn performance tips, get singing lessons, shoot music videos, learn choreography and pretty much get crash course in the music biz.

What is super SUPER COOL! Is that one of the top 6 kids is someone I KNOW!!! PARKER is a VERY TALENTED guy from DUNCAN! I used to work with his AMAZING MOM and brother! I am soooo EXCITED and PROUD of him! He has done a wonderful job.

The really cute thing about it is, my daughter thinks that he is the GREATEST person on that show and is now her FAVOURITE “superstar”. Seriously CUTE! He recently played a small outdoor show at our local music showrooms anniversary bash. She got all dressed in “jumping clothes”, made sparkly “Parker Rules” and “You are the Next Star” signs (with a little help from me!) and got to go and watch him. She got a signed pictures (which now is framed and on her wall) and even got her picture taken with him. She looks like she is going to BURST!!


NOW here is what you need to do!!! GOT VOTE FOR PARKER!!! Click this LINK and VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE!! As many times and you can! The Finale is on Monday!!!


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