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Fashion Friday – Faith in Forever 21?

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I have been reading on a few blogs about Forever 21’s new line of Christian inspired Tees. I am actually SHOCKED at some of the comments and blog posts! There is this outrage coming from so many people about Forever 21 “pushing a Christian agenda”. Everyone seems to be all riled up about this. My advice to those “hating” on the new line…. GET OVER IT and DON’T BUT ONE! No one is forcing you to purchase these shirts… buy a Mickey Mouse one instead!!!

It isn’t news that Forever 21 is run by a christian family! Look at their bags!

” For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, So that whoever believes in Him would not die BUT have EVERLASTING LIFE!”  John 3:16

When I received my order from Forever 21 with that on the bottom of my bag I was super excited! I thought that it was such a wonderful way to spread the good news! I really hoped that those few words would inspire people to look it up and let it settle in their hearts. Now that they are adding these shirts to their already wide variety of tees, I know I will continue shopping there are supporting their vision! In fact… I am adding the Holy Fringe Tee to my wish list right now! LOVE IT!


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