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Beach Themed Necklace and Earring Holder

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I have so many beautiful necklaces and earrings but I rarely wear them! So I have been trying to think of something to hang my MANY necklaces on, so they do not get tangled and forgotten. My bathroom is kinda “beachy” and I really wanted something to tie in with that. Whenever I go to the beach (and there are LOTS of beaches around here) with my kids, we always come home with a bucket of shells and driftwood.  Soooo I went outside to our latest driftwood score (which is still sitting by my front door!) and found exactly what I was looking for!!!

What I did:

I took the drift wood and hammered a picture hanger on the back. Then I took some tarnished hooks, and a few different sized tarnished nail (I didnt want them to have a “new” look) and screwed and nailed them to the front of the wood. I had to make sure I spaced them well so there was room for my jewellry and it wouldnt be totally uneven. It was sooo easy and quick! And I am SOOO HAPPY with how it turned out!!

Here are some pics of other necklace and earring holder ideas!


The rake is my FAVOURITE – I can’t wait to make one for our bedroom!


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