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Here is another Doll RTG into the arms of a little girl near you! This dolly has been a real work in progress. I think it is amazing how they totally take on thier own personalities. I started her a while ago thinking that she would be a “Little Red Riding Hood” themed doll (which I even had a post about here!) but she never seemed quite right, if you look at the before and after pics she really seems like a new doll! I actually opened her up the other day a gave her more stuffing so she is quite a bit firmer… and “portly”. Then I added a few freckles and so blushing on her cheeks. As for her outfit! WOW! LOVE LOVE LOVE! I had a vest that I asked my TALENTED mom to make a while ago and it has been sitting and waiting for the perfect doll. I feel like this is a doll version of me! It is so hard to let her go (I feel this way EVERY single time I make a doll – I dont know how everyone does it!) But there are only so many dolls my daughter can play with! So HERE SHE IS! Click on the smaller pictures to see them enlarged.


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