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Teaparty fit for the Princess!

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So we finally had the “princess birthday tea party” this past weekend and it was wonderful! All the little sweethearts came dressed in thier “royal princess garments” including a few dashing princes! Here are some pics! (I am holding back any of this kids pics, even though they were sooo cute, for privacy reasons! I am sure you understand!)

Each little girl had her own teacup and placesetting, which also served as a party of thier goodie bags! They were sooo excited that they were allowed to keep thier cup. I put a little paper pillowbox with gumballs and a tiny decorated plastic box with pretty braclets as the rest of the goodie bag. But really I think that the cup would have been enough.

Food – I was shocked how much these little ones ate!!! Even though the party was after lunch! We had little cinnamon buns, pb&j sandwiches cut in cute little shapes, banana bread, fruit, veggies, and of course potato chips! Instead of realy tea we had Iced Tea and used a beautiful silver tea service. The cream and suger holders held jelly bellys which the kids ate right up!

Game – We played a really fun game. As the music played they passed around a pretty purse with little papers on it (like hot potato) and who ever had the purse when the music stopped had to do what the paper said! Then they got a prize. We kept it simple – “run in a circle” “act like a duck” and so on.

Craft – I saw a great tutorial on the emily jones blog ( and each girl decorated a princess party hat with sequins and gems and ribbons and stickers!

It was a great party and we are already thinking about next year!! Nancy Drew? …. I think so!


One thought on “Teaparty fit for the Princess!

  1. This is the cutest birthday party idea EVER…I want to have my own tea party birthday party 😉 Abby is so lucky to have such a creative mummy!!

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