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There’s a change in the winds….

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Ever since I closed my shop I feel like I have been transitioning from one thing to the next trying to find my place. Everything that I have done I have enjoyed, truly I have. I have sewed, crocheted, created jewellry, painted, upcycled and created all sorts of neat things. BUT this next season in my artistic life really excites me! I have discovered a love for fibre art that I never even knew existed! The possibilities are limitless on what you can do with it! I can even combine it with my other love – which is creating special Kids of the Kings dolls!

One thing that I have started doing that I LOVE LOVE LOVE to do is DYING WOOL! It is soooo much fun to see all of the wonderful combinations of colour that I can create! Last night my mom and I even used onion skins to make a dye and it turned out absolutely gorgeous! I have beets boiling as I write! I will put up some tutorials so you can try it too!


One thought on “There’s a change in the winds….

  1. I think I’m going to have to schedule a day to come over and visit so we can talk wool!! I’m looking for fabulous hand dyed wool to use in my etsy shop creations.

    Also…I used the same template for my blog. So weird. Could we possibly be kindred spirits without having known it until now? I’d like to think so!

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