Kids of the King

My life as a kid of the King

Ahhh Creativity RAMBLES!


Do you ever have sooo many ideas running around in your head that you feel like you are going to explode?


I mean it is great to have the juices flowing, it sure beats a creativity block BUT I get so overwhelmed! I end up doing nothing! Or doing projects at really quickly so I can get them all out and then they don’t turn out very well! I have a lot of “example” ideas lying around. I also hate doing the same thing twice! I think that is why I like creating the dolls… they are all soo different and have a little personality. Anyways. I just needed to vent a bit!


2 thoughts on “Ahhh Creativity RAMBLES!

  1. I hear ya sister!! I think I need to come over for a crafting weekend…..

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