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“Birthday Princess Tea Party”

My sweet SWEET daughter is having a birthday soon… and I am throwing her a Princess Tea Party. It is going to be great! So I am trying to throw the best party that I can BUT without spending a lot of money! So I will be blogging about this birthday on a budget and I hope you can find some ideas that will help you with your party adventures!!!

First thing I had to do was… the invitations!!!! I always make my invititions from scratch. There are sooo many super easy ways to do it that there really is no reason to have to spend alot of money! I have soooooo many crafts and stamps and paper laying around so I didn’t have to buy a lot of supplies! I picked up some really sweet glittered chipboard hearts for FREE at a recent sale at our local scrapbook store, as well as some beautiful pink glitter and beads set for only 50 cents! (I try to grab anything I can get my hands on when it is a good deal, because you never know when it will come in handy!) And they were PERFECT to glitz up the invites! I used a “princess” stamp set from the Stampin Up line and it was PERFECT for my invites!! I also used some pink ribbon and some pop up sticky dots to give the invite some 3D effect.

I printed the inside off of my computer for a few reasons. First – so I didn’t have to keep writing the same thing over and over and Second – it looks soooo much nicer! I looked online to find some “fancy” wording to put in the invite and came up with something like this:

Your presence is requested at the

“Princess Birthday Tea Party”

Of Her Royal Highness _____________

Please come dressed in your Royal garments

Of course I put in all the other important info like dates, times and address! I chose a sunday afternoon, which I thought would be perfect for a Tea party!

Now here is what cost me the most money!  I decided to MAIL as many of the invites as possible, because what little girl doesn’t like getting mail?

I will be posting about the food, crafts, games and goodie bags so stay tuned!


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