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Ahhh Creativity RAMBLES!

Do you ever have sooo many ideas running around in your head that you feel like you are going to explode?


I mean it is great to have the juices flowing, it sure beats a creativity block BUT I get so overwhelmed! I end up doing nothing! Or doing projects at really quickly so I can get them all out and then they don’t turn out very well! I have a lot of “example” ideas lying around. I also hate doing the same thing twice! I think that is why I like creating the dolls… they are all soo different and have a little personality. Anyways. I just needed to vent a bit!


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Your presence is requested….

… at the

“Birthday Princess Tea Party”

My sweet SWEET daughter is having a birthday soon… and I am throwing her a Princess Tea Party. It is going to be great! So I am trying to throw the best party that I can BUT without spending a lot of money! So I will be blogging about this birthday on a budget and I hope you can find some ideas that will help you with your party adventures!!!

First thing I had to do was… the invitations!!!! I always make my invititions from scratch. There are sooo many super easy ways to do it that there really is no reason to have to spend alot of money! I have soooooo many crafts and stamps and paper laying around so I didn’t have to buy a lot of supplies! I picked up some really sweet glittered chipboard hearts for FREE at a recent sale at our local scrapbook store, as well as some beautiful pink glitter and beads set for only 50 cents! (I try to grab anything I can get my hands on when it is a good deal, because you never know when it will come in handy!) And they were PERFECT to glitz up the invites! I used a “princess” stamp set from the Stampin Up line and it was PERFECT for my invites!! I also used some pink ribbon and some pop up sticky dots to give the invite some 3D effect.

I printed the inside off of my computer for a few reasons. First – so I didn’t have to keep writing the same thing over and over and Second – it looks soooo much nicer! I looked online to find some “fancy” wording to put in the invite and came up with something like this:

Your presence is requested at the

“Princess Birthday Tea Party”

Of Her Royal Highness _____________

Please come dressed in your Royal garments

Of course I put in all the other important info like dates, times and address! I chose a sunday afternoon, which I thought would be perfect for a Tea party!

Now here is what cost me the most money!  I decided to MAIL as many of the invites as possible, because what little girl doesn’t like getting mail?

I will be posting about the food, crafts, games and goodie bags so stay tuned!


200 Facebook Fans Giveaway!!!

200 Fans!!! YAY!

OKAY! Giveaway information: To celebrate my 200 fans I am going to giveaway a Semi-Custom Pocket Pixie Dolls! You can pick hair colour scheme, eyes colour, skin colours ( feel free to go a little funky – blues greens etc! ) All you need to do is: LIKE my facebook page if you havn’t already (of course!)!/pages/New-Creation-Accessories-and-Fashions/110642575652301

Then comment under THIS post with your colour choices!!!

For those of you who don’t know what a Pocket Pixie is… they are approx 6-7 inches tall. They have cute little pixie wings and can talk to you with thier jingle bell voices!! Here is a pic of one of my first ones:

This will be drawn by randomn number so make sure you comment!!! Please make sure your info is there so that I can contact you!!! And shipping is FREE of course! One comment per person please!

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A few of my favorite etsy things…..

So I love browsing on ETSY! Seriously! If you havn’t checked it out I suggest you do… BUT sometimes I find it so overwhelming! So I thought that I would share some of my favorites shops with you!

WARNING: You will find so many wonderful things that you will want to buy!

Anyways… these are just a few shops that are really cool! There are sooo many! My Esty “hearts” section is FULL!!! AND you should totally check out my Esty at

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From a sheeps back to a dolls tummy!

So this past week I went to a local Cowichan Valley farm and watched 18 sheep get their wool sheered! It was sooo COOL! I learnt alot about the process as well as the sheep! Where they each came from, who were twins, moms, dads and other neat little stories. I also got to check out all the SWEET little babies!!! Including a 3-4 day old and a 1 week old little lamb! I also got to bring my two children (2yrs and 6yrs) to watch everything and meet the animals (which included 2 donkeys!).

So I did a bunch of research and “googling” on the process of skirting and washing a preparing raw fleece and I thought I would share with you what I did!! So I took a bunch of pictures!

STEP ONE: Skirting the fleece:

So I took all the fleece home in garbage bags, just because it was the easiest way to transport them. I ended up with 20 bags full!!! Yikers! The first thing I did was “SKIRT” (skirting refers to cleaning the fleece from unwanted parts) by laying it out outside up and pulled off all the poop and plant matter. It is a gross job, and I would use gloves!! once this is done you can store it in pillowcases or a sewn up sheet. That way it is breathing but safe from bugs.



STEP TWO: Washing the fleece:

I used big buckets, but use whatever you have around. You need to fill them with HOT water and add a lot of dish soap. Stir is gently so that you don’t make it to sudsy. Next I added peices of the fleece and pushed it down so that itwas fully submerged. Be very careful to not agitate the wool because it will felt together. Leave it for about 20-30 minutes. You need to repeat this process at least 2 times, 3 if it is really dirty. The soap and HOT water break the lanolin and grease up. Next you need to rinse it in HOT water again, but this time with no soap. And then again in warm water.



STEP THREE: Drying the fleece:

I used a salad spinner! We took smaller pieces and spun it around to get the excess water out. Then laid it out on some chicken wire and let it air dry in the sun! It takes a while but it is sooooo worth it. I found if I pulled the wool apart a but it dried better. I also used this time to pull out any plant bits that I might have missed earlier. When it was dry I stored it in a pillowcase!