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.…. I am going sheep sheering!! Wooo Hooo!

I am really excited! I am going to be getting a LOT of fleece from a local farm in the Cowichan Valley and I am going to attempt skirting, cleaning, carding it all. I do admit, I am a bit nervous because it is a HUGE and not easy job, BUT I am looking forward to the end result and how wonderful it will be to say “This product was created with LOCAL sheeps wool that I cleaned and carded MYSELF (well me and my mom!)

I will be taking lots of pictures and letting you all know how it will go! I have searched over the net for a nice easy explaination of how to di it but have some up with many complex descriptions of what to do! So I decided to do my own!

See you later! And cross your fingers it is a nice day!!



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